Volume 1, Issue 05

“If we take the time to look inside great businesses, it does not take long to see that the success of these enterprises is based on great relationships. These relationships are developed from a culture that values long-term relationships as the core of its mission. These core values, in turn, create the best outcomes for all, especially the clients they serve. This is the Scott Data Center. 

Alvine Engineering has had the pleasure of a relationship with the Scott Data Center approaching two decades. Over this time, we have experienced the commitment that the Scott Data Center has to its consultants and clients. Scott Data Center has allowed us to grow with them in scale and expertise. 

Scott Data Center’s 30K sq ft/ 20MW Plant

The Scott Data Center relationship has been one of our most enduring and valuable professional and personal partnerships.” Douglas Alvine, President, Alvine Engineering 

Repurposing our Facilities

When faced with the challenge of repurposing the Scott Data Center in 2012, our team contacted Alvine Engineering, a trusted partner,  to provide us with the needed electrical and mechanical engineering expertise. Following multiple site visits to data centers nationwide and evaluating trends and practices in power consumption, density, and other measures, Alvine delivered a design that added a 20-megawatt central plant to our campus and supported 12kW of power delivery per cabinet throughout the raised floor. At the time, 4-6kW was standard, with an increasing trend towards decreased power and cooling needs resulting from “green” data centers and an assumption that all larger workloads would move to the cloud. 

Talent and Innovation

Two rising professionals from Alvine were selected to lead the electrical and mechanical designs, Brandon Rich and Craig Johnson, respectively. The team achieved  Uptime Institute Tier 3 certification in design and construction and devised an innovative approach to recycle the waste heat from the servers throughout the data center. Their design provides new heat sources for critical components of the data center, including the thirty thousand square foot central plant in the winter and our prime-rated generators for rapid start time. These forward-thinking innovations create cost savings for both Scott Data and our customers and keep us ready to address any power issues that may arise.  

Opportunities for AI, ML and LLM

1,000+ ton chillers for high-density cooling

The 2012 renovation and our partnership with Alvine positioned Scott Data for growth well into the future. The vision and foresight to build for higher power and cooling density has placed Scott Data in a position to support Large Language Models (LLM), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads. These workloads require significant levels of power and cooling; the more capacity available, the more efficient and faster the models can train and execute results. Our higher power and cooling density can support larger workloads resulting in faster results for our customers. In a future post, we will share details about how we can address customers’ unique needs for LLM, ML, and AI workloads within our facility. Scott Data’s 12kW per cabinet throughout 50,000 sf is an industry-leading level of colocation density.

2.5 Megawatt prime-rated generators supporting high-density workloads


If you are interested in learning more about our structure, our business, or how we can help you address your data needs, please reach out directly to set up a conversation. In the meantime, please take a few minutes and join a video tour of our data center to learn more about our facilities: Scott Data Center – A Leader in the Data Center Industry.

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