Just one of our clients stores data for 45,000 of their email users. What are the costs if their data is compromised? They’ll never have to find out.

At Scott Data Center, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the best security a data center can offer. In fact, our data center was built to meet Department of Defense security criteria. That includes:

  • DOD certification from 2006-2011 for conducting classified activity DCID 6/9
  • Campus and facility security consistent with DOD policies and procedures
  • Completed and passed Corp of Engineers Blast Mitigation Study

And that’s just the beginning.

We can maintain operations even if a box truck loaded with C-4 explosives detonates next to our K12-rated barrier wall. And our building can withstand natural disasters like tornadoes, floods and earthquakes.

K12-rated barrier wall around the facilityHere’s how we keep your data secure:

  • A 24/7 security desk
  • A gated perimeter
  • Dual authentication required for campus and facility access
  • Surveillance cameras throughout the campus
  • A K12-rated barrier wall around the facility
  • Man-traps
  • Biometrics
  • Generator backup
  • Redundant cooling

Clients Get an All-Access Pass

Carefully monitoring campus access is one of the ways we protect data from theft and intruders. At the same time, we also believe in allowing our clients full access to their data. How else would you know your data is as safe as we say it is? Here’s how we strike the balance:

  • The employees you authorize are given access to the campus and facility when your company issues written approval.
  • Once we receive written approval, we verify government issued credentials and issue a badge by collecting the person’s identification, fingerprint and more.
  • Because we verify security authorization, we typically don’t limit the number of access cards issued, and four access cards are provided with each contract.
  • To ensure your roster of approved employees is up to date, we conduct regular verification audits.
  • Card access logs are never destroyed, and video logs of campus activities and facility access are kept for 90 days. Scott Data Center indicates 1 year but usually have 2-3 years saved. (Scott Data Center purges a couple times a year).

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