Scott Technology Center

Workforce Development

The Scott Technology Center Campus is conveniently located adjacent to the University of Nebraska–Omaha Scott Campus. While we are not formally under the umbrella of the University, this proximity provides our tenants and other partners access to a pool of students with whom they can work and develop into fulltime employees. In doing so, both parties benefit.

Student Benefits

Students can intern with a variety of large and small employers, try their hand at a number of different career paths, and through this exposure, determine their industry of choice. This helps them map out a stronger course schedule, identify areas of research, and make a plan to achieve their career goals after college. And, it may lead to fulltime employment.

Organization Benefits

By providing students internships, organizations essentially conduct an extended job interview. As they work with interns every day, they get to know their work ethic, have first-hand knowledge of their style and character, and gain confidence in their abilities – all of which may lead to an offer of full-time employment.

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