At Scott Data Center, we’ve invested heavily in infrastructure because we know the consequences of an outage. Downtime costs companies more than their investment in data protection will ever be.

Our building, our power and our cooling – they’re all built to stay secure, reliable and working, always.

Our Building

Scott Data Center Building Exterior

The design and construction of our building serve as the foundation for keeping data safe, ensuring the data we store is protected from disasters, both natural and manmade.

Scott Data Center is:

  • A cast-in-place concrete structure
  • Designed to resist 250+ mph winds, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes
  • Built on deep foundations designed to resist the uplift forces from tornadoes
  • Surrounded by a K-12 rated barrier wall that can withstand the impact of a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling toward it at 50 mph
  • Built with a limited number of exterior windows, all of which have a bullet-resistant glazing


Scott Data Center Redundant Generators

It takes an immense amount of reliable power to keep our clients’ data online without interruption. That’s why we utilize electricity from two sources: Omaha Public Power District (two substations) and onsite prime-rated generators.

Our central distribution point is the most heavily fortified aspect of the data center’s design:

  • It’s highly redundant and is designed to operate without interruption, regardless of failure or maintenance.
  • It’s totally automated providing redundant reliability for continual operation.
  • It distributes enough power to light more than 2,000 homes.

In the rare instance utility power is unavailable to the site, Scott Data Center’s onsite generators produce power for the facility.

  • Under Uptime requirements, all Scott Data Center generators are prime-rated units, which means the Center will run indefinitely on them if needed.
  • Generators are protected by our facility’s stormproof shell and each is housed in its own concrete room.
  • In the rare instance of a generator being unavailable, the generator system is designed in an N+1 configuration so the failure of any one unit does not impact the facility.


Scott Data Center Cooling PumpsWithout a cooling system, equipment overheating can cause failure – and that’s never an option when we’re protecting your data. Scott Data Center can stay in free cooling up to 55 degree outside temperature level.

  • All components in our chiller plant are N+1 redundant so any piece of equipment can be taken out of service without stopping operations.
  • The chiller plant has its own independent well and is designed to utilize outside air “free cooling” when the temperature drops below 50 degrees, saving tremendous amounts of energy.
  • Our chillers can produce enough cold water to cool 1,000 homes during the heat of summer.
To learn more about our building, power supply and cooling capabilities, contact us today.

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