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Scott Data GPU Service

When you’re ready to step on the GaaS

High Performance Computing needs a high performing data center that’s up to the task – and Scott Data has the horsepower to host your GPU as a Service. Shift into overdrive – reserve your spot now.

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GPU as a service

NVIDIA DGX servers with H100 GPUs give customers maximum performance for HPC workloads.

MLOps Tooling

MLOps enables testing, iterative development, continuous improvement, and DevOps integration into the machine learning lifecycle. Our partner, Apolo, brings a platform that streamlines data training and machine learning models across multiple clouds.

Ultra-high density colocation 60+ kW per cabinet

Individually secured cabinets with rear-door heat exchangers to cool your ultra-high-density workloads.

GPUDirect storage

High performance storage is necessary to feed your GPU workloads. VAST Data’s modern scale-out storage architecture is certified to work with NVIDIA’s GPUDirect storage protocol.

Multicloud connectivity

The multi-cloud reach of Megaport’s software-defined network is available to interconnect your workloads and data on demand.

Questions, questions?
We’ve got answers.

Does my data stay confidential?

Yes. Your data, models, and environment are all local, private, and fully controlled by you.

How accessible are the GPU resources?

Our platform supports your on-demand GPU workloads through automation and orchestration. You’re in charge – you pick when you want to hit the Gaas and run your workloads.

Can I bring my own storage/network/servers?

Yes, we can make colo available to host your bare metal right next to our GPU service.

Is there a minimum contract length for GPU services?

There is no contract term for our “on demand” rate; however, if you want to reserve capacity, a discounted rate and term can be applied.

Why would I pick Scott Data over other providers?

We’ve built and run a multi-tenant environment for over 18 years, accommodating dynamic and unique customer needs across multiple industries. Our broad and trusted network of partners can support customers no matter where you are in your AI/ML journey. Our customers come to us for our capability and stay because of our flexibility. We can help you get to the next level.


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