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“For over 15 years, the Interpublic Group (IPG) has benefited from a strong foundational partnership with Scott Data Center. At the core of this partnership is trust to work collaboratively on shared objectives that provide advanced, cost-effective compute services and that develop IT talent on-campus. Scott Data continues to assist IPG in achieving its operational metrics and in optimizing its core business processes. In today’s global markets, it is essential to find a trustworthy business partner to navigate the ever-evolving complexities that are present.” Tom Sivo, Vice President – IPG Emerging Technology Organization 

Transactions come and go, but relationships stand the test of time. Investing in foundational, mutually beneficial relationships establishes trust, affirms that interests are aligned, and sets the conditions for a transparent exchange of candid feedback. Scott Data’s approach to all customers is in the context of a partnership.   And this means that we hold ourselves to a higher standard when communicating with and delivering our products and services to our customers.

Our Approach

Scott Data is not a one-size fits all data center; we seek opportunities to address specific customer pain points and understand their unique needs. Investing time and resources to learn which business challenges our customers face help our team gain unique insights into what keeps our customers “up at night” now and what may be coming on the horizon. Our customer discovery approach enables us to design and deploy solutions best suited to meet our customer’s goals. Our partnership mindset positions Scott Data to provide immediate impact and lasting value over time for our partners.

In today’s dynamic business environment, Scott Data has proven our ability to support the expansion or reduction of customer colocation requirements, enable the execution of hybrid strategies, and develop high-value technical services complimentary to the technological transformation of various customers. We aim to leverage the investments in our purpose-built, Tier III Uptime Institute-certified data center, our exceptionally talented team, and collaborative relationships to position each customer for success.

Kiewit Corporation has a long, rich, and diverse relationship with Scott Data Center. The relationship’s roots are in Kiewit choosing Scott Data as one of our two major North American hosting sites for business-critical technology infrastructure. Scott’s world-class facility and team of experts supporting that facility made the initial decision an easy one. In the following years, our teams have partnered on a number of initiatives that enabled Kiewit’s business to remain flexible, scalable, and secure, including creative solutions around connectivity, use of space, and leveraging value-added services inherent to the Scott Data Center offering. However, what I’m most appreciative of is the strategic relationship that we have built with the leadership team at Scott Data Center, whether that is their participation and mentorship in our internal innovation and leadership development program or ongoing discussions around managed services offered as an extension of the core data center services we’ve enjoyed for more than a decade. Kiewit counts the team at Scott Data Center as one of our most trusted partner relationships, and that is the greatest compliment I could afford their organization.” Chris Dill, Vice President and CIO, Kiewit Technology Group/ Kiewit Corporation 

Since 2006, Scott Data has implemented our collaborative partnership approach with Government, Academia, and Industry customers. Throughout our history, we have prioritized and validated our approach to investing in partnerships over transactions, and we measure our success by the tenure and satisfaction of our customers.   

If you are interested in learning more about our structure, our business, or how we can help you address your data needs, please reach out directly to set up a conversation. In the meantime, please take a few minutes and join a video tour of our data center to learn more about our facilities: Scott Data Center – A Leader in the Data Center Industry.

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