Volume 2, Issue 01

It has been a while since we posted.  We have been busy.  Busy learning, innovating, and building. 

Last May, we realized we were extremely well-positioned to host Artificial Intelligence workloads (AI) in our facility.  But what did that mean?  Were the power and cooling needs- and lack of supply – as extreme as industry leaders were saying?  Were we REALLY capable of powering 60kW racks and managing an infrastructure to run those at scale?  Is the demand for AI tools and resources as high as stock prices indicate?  These and other questions all needed answers before we could comfortably make investments and consider evolving our business model to serve an AI-driven market.   

“Over the past 14 months, we have gathered evidence validating our position as a data center leader in high density at scale capabilities while solidifying our ecosystem of partners. The development of a secure, customer-centric AI platform offering has challenged reference architectures, resulting in a successful design, orchestration, and launch of our Scott Data AI platform,” said CEO and President Ken Moreano.  

Our Scott Data AI Platform offers more than just the infrastructure and technology to run AI workloads. 

We built a network of trusted partners to meet our customers wherever they are on their unique AI journey. Whether you are looking for GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) to land your workloads, trying to figure out where to begin, or somewhere in between, we have you covered. The next several blogs will focus on our year-long journey to launch our AI Platform and what we learned along the way.

That said, if you are ready for your own foray into AI now, give us a call and discover how our GPU as a Service (GaaS), powered by Nvidia H100s and available today, can speed up your enterprise AI journey.  We are happy to talk if you are looking for a place to land your own HPC (High Performance Computing) equipment. We are here to help you #Step on the Gaas! 

 While you wait for the next blog, here are a few case studies, articles, and videos covering many of our recent activities to keep you informed 

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