Tier III Design Scott Data CenterAt Scott Data Center, we’re proud of our Tier III certification in both design and construction. But we realize people outside of our industry may not know exactly what that means. If you’ve ever wondered, here’s what it’s all about.

The Uptime Institute

Tier Certification is granted by the Uptime Institute, an internationally recognized, third-party data center evaluator. The Uptime Institute has clear-cut criteria for each Tier Certification, making them an objective evaluator of the functionality and capacity of data centers.

Tier III Criteria

Scott Data Center has achieved Tier III certification in both design and construction. In essence, that means our building plans were drawn to provide superior protection, and the physical construction of the building ensured the plans became a reality.

More specifically, it means we meet the following criteria and then some:

  • Concurrently maintainable — A concurrently maintainable data center “has redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths serving the computer equipment.” That means if a piece of equipment fails or a source of power is cut off, back up equipment and power sources ensure data stays online.
  • Zero outages during service — Equipment can be removed from service on a planned basis without impacting any of the computer equipment.
  • Dual power inputs — Tier III sites require all computer hardware to have dual power inputs.

The Uptime Institute’s Tier III Certification makes us the first multi-tenant data center in Nebraska—and only the second nationwide—to earn such recognition. We’re proud to be nationally recognized, but we’re even more proud of the unstoppable protection we provide our customers.

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