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Scott Data Center is led by a team of data storage experts with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to support their respective roles.

  • Ken Moreano
    Ken Moreano President

    Ken Moreano has served as President of Scott Data Center since it was founded in 2006. Ken joined the Scott Technology Center in May of 2002 and has been responsible for the construction and management of the facilities on campus. Additionally, Ken facilitates partnership engagements with a variety of organizations and operates all incubation/startup company activity, along with co-managing a seed stage investment fund predicated on the evidence-based approach. Prior to joining Scott Data Center and Scott Technology Center, Ken was the founder and operator of a startup company from 1998 to 2002.

  • Ryan Osborn
    Ryan Osborn Director of Operations

    As Director of Operations at Scott Data Center, Ryan Osborn brings more than 30 years of IT experience and 25 years of critical infrastructure management experience to our operation. He directs, manages and oversees the SDC engineering staff. Ryan is also responsible for the vast number of critical systems that support the facility, including our generators, cooling systems, heat exchangers, fire suppression systems, and much more. A graduate of Creighton University and MCC, he holds multiple certifications in machine language, Unix administration and critical infrastructure technologies. Ryan founded Omaha’s first Association of Computer Operations Management (AFCOM) chapter.

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