The Details

We know not everyone loves the technical details the way we do. But if you're like us, we've got everything you're looking for right here.

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Power Systems

  • Utility: Omaha Public Power District
  • Utility Capacity: Two medium voltage utility feeds. Medium voltage distributed through ring bus fully redundant configuration.
  • Critical Power Capacity: Up to 9,000 kW of critical load capability in a fully redundant, isolated 2N UPS configuration delivered through eight (8) independent AB 2500 KVA buses.
  • UPS Storage Systems: Battery DC energy storage system arranged in an N+1 battery string per UPS module.
  • Redundancy: All UPSs are double conversion units paralleled for capacity, a single STS 1+N configuration and wrap around maintenance bypass to allow UPS services without cutting power to A or B side of critical load.
  • Energy Power: Up to eight (8) 2250 kW Medium Voltage Diesel Generators in an N+1 configuration. Units housed indoors for protection with physical separation between units and switchgear.
  • Fuel Storage: 24+ hours of fuel in multiple tanks to prevent fuel spoilage. Onsite refueling capable while running.

Cooling Systems

  • Cooling: Precision cooling floor-mounted chiller water air conditioning units provide N+1 cooling to each suite.
  • Redundancy: Chilled water supplied through diverse and redundant loops from an N+1 configured central plant with multiple 1,250-ton water cooled chillers.
  • Air Handling: CO2 monitored variable airflow provides ventilation and pressurization air.
  • Humidification: Armstrong Humidification System.
  • Backup Water System: Independent well for condenser make up water for cooling towers.
  • Leak Detection: Rope style leak detection under raised floor.

Floor System / Floor Loading

  • Raised Floor: 20” Tate ConCore 2500 Access Floor System.
  • Floor Load: 2,500 lbs/tile.
  • Subfloor Load: Depressed slab on grade.

Fire / Access Control

  • Fire Suppression: VESDA smoke detection with double interlocked pre-action dry pipe water suppression. Tenant option to add gas suppression if desired.
  • Access: Lenel Encrypted Smart Card Access Control System.
  • Surveillance: IP video recording system with megapixel cameras.

Campus Access

  • The campus and facility are accessible to approved campus tenants.


  • Loading dock with dock lever and staging area.

Flood Plain

  • All facilities elevated above the 100-year flood plain.

Lounge Area

  • Private workspace and relaxation areas with access to shower facilities.


  • Fiber Access - Four diverse concrete encased fiber entry vaults.

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