What You Get

There is a lot Scott Data Center can do, but what really matters is what you get out of it. Find out how our features become your benefits. Or contact us to see how we can offer exactly what you’re looking for: 402-505-7800 or unstoppable@scottdatacenter.com

Positive ROI

The safety of your data is likely just as important as your return on investment. Fortunately, you don't have to choose between the two. Here's how we help you achieve positive ROI:

Zero outage costs. Downtime costs companies more than their investment in data protection will ever be. Scott Data Center has achieved 100% uptime since opening in 2006, which means you'll never have to find out how much an outage will cost your company.

Zero moving costs. With the modular design of our central plant, expansion and growth are part of the overall master plan. That means you'll never have to pay the costs of moving your data. Instead, we'll grow with you.

Zero worry. You won't have to waste time worrying whether your data is safe; our super secure, Tier III Certified facility has the protection and redundant systems to keep data online all the time.

Countless financial advantages. Nebraska offers pro-data center tax incentives and legislation, incentivizing investments in technology, infrastructure, and IT professionals. And, our power costs are well below the national average. Translation: our location saves you money.

With zero downtime, room for growth, tax incentives, and the advantages of Midwest pricing, you'll see ROI in no time. 

We can help you demonstrate positive ROI, and simplify your data center choice. 

Planning That Pays

Despite the fact that data seems intangible, it's actually very difficult—and expensive—to move.

The Scott Data Center is built with the future in mind. Our power and storage capabilities far exceed the current standards, and we're always devoting more space and power to storing the data that is so integral to keeping business moving forward.

In fact, we recently opened a Tier III Certified data center expansion and an onsite power facility.

We're built for tomorrow, today, so you never have to suffer the colossal costs of moving your data.

We'd be happy to talk about our plans for the future, so you can make plans for yours. 

See for Yourself

To get the full story on how we provide unstoppable data protection, contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour.

402-505-7800 unstoppable@scottdatacenter.com