National Recognition

The Scott Data Center is Tier III certified in both design and construction by the Uptime Institute. They’re the gold standard in data center evaluation, and we’re one of only two multi-tenant data centers in the U.S. who have earned this national recognition. We can tell you our center is exceptional—Uptime will certify it.

National recognition isn't a popularity contest—it's reassurance that your data will always be safe. And it's about erasing worry, knowing an independent, third-party reviewer agrees that you've made the right choice about the data center in which you trust your data.

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Tier III Certification

Tier III certification in both design and construction means our building plans were drawn to provide superior protection, and the physical construction of the building ensured the plans became a reality.

Together, these successes, and the Uptime Institute's endorsement of them, are important to our clients, as they ensure their data is as safe as can be, and companies are protected from the devastating costs of interruption or data loss.

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About Scott Data Center

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Scott Data Center offers more than 110,000 square feet of facilities to meet the advanced data storage needs of companies across the country.


Nationally recognized as a leader in the industry, Scott Data Center is only the second multi-tenant data center in the United States to receive Tier III Certification in both design and construction from the Uptime Institute, and has been in continual operation since its founding in 2006.

Whether your business is looking for a primary data storage site or a back up for disaster recovery, we offer everything from single rack to server room leases and one of the most secure data centers in the country.