Scott Data Center is located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska. This location offers our clients several advantages:

Affordable Midwest Pricing

Our Midwest location offers a number of financial benefits:

  • Income tax credits
  • Sales tax refunds
  • Property tax exemptions
  • Power costs among the lowest in the country

Protection from Natural Disasters

Nebraska is virtually immune to natural disasters.

  • Hurricanes are never a threat, and earthquakes are quite rare.
  • Nebraska does occasionally see a tornado, but activity in the city of Omaha is uncommon.
  • Floods aren't an issue—but if they were—Scott Data Center is raised out of the 100 year flood plain.
  • Nevertheless, Scott Data Center is designed to withstand all of these natural disasters

Important Access

Scott Data Center resides in Aksarben Village, a mixed-use development, offering access to a wealth of talent and innovation.

  • Our neighbors include First Data Resources, the University of Nebraska's Peter Kiewit Institute, University of Nebraska Omaha College of Business and a variety of retail and service providers.
  • Proximity to the Kiewit Institute provides ready access to a talented labor pool of the brightest and most cutting edge minds in the fields of engineering and information technology.
  • Located approximately 1.6 miles from I-80, Scott Data Center is only a short drive from a major United States interstate.

Unstoppable Protection

Security, infrastructure, redundancy, and location—these are the fundamentals of a reliable data center. When it comes to protecting your data, we’re more than reliable. We're unstoppable.

See for Yourself

To get the full story on how we provide unstoppable data protection, contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour.