Is Omaha, Nebraska your only location?

Yes. That's because Scott Data Center is focused on providing the best data center services and infrastructure available. Sure, we’ve been asked to consider building and operating data centers in other parts of the country, but right now Nebraska’s financial advantages maximize the value we provide. These include:

  • Energy costs well below the national average
  • Fiber optics infrastructure availability
  • Access to technical talent at reasonable costs
  • State of Nebraska incentive programs like The Nebraska Advantage

Our affordable Midwest pricing and State of Nebraska Department of Economic Development tax incentives are so competitive, they attract both national and global data center operations.

Is your location prone to natural disasters?

No. Here's why:

  • It's true tornado alley stretches from Texas to South Dakota, and Nebraska is right there in the middle. It's not often that Omaha sees a tornado, but in the off chance we do, the Scott Data Center can withstand 250+ mph winds—and the uplift of tornado level winds, too.
  • Sometimes people also ask if the Data Center is in a flood plain. The answer is no. In fact, the entire Scott Technology Center campus, including the Scott Data Center, has been raised out of the flood plain.
  • Omaha doesn't see much in the way of earthquakes; even so, our building is categorized as an essential facility, and the design protects it from potential seismic activity.

Does third party validation matter?

Absolutely. Independent certification says it all when it comes to the quality of a data center. That's because:

  • Independent certification like the Uptime Institute's Tier standards provide validation of a facility's technical details.
  • According to Site Infrastructure, data centers that “self-proclaim” they meet criteria for a certain Tier level or capacity are often inaccurate or only partly factual.
  • Most customers want to know industry experts give their data storage facilities their stamp of approval. Having the Uptime Institute, the gold standard in data center evaluation, validate and verify Scott Data Center's concurrent maintainability and Tier III.

Does Scott Data Center offer managed services?

No, we don't; we prefer to remain service-provider neutral. That's because our customers expect the best, and when we remain agnostic we don't limit them to one provider. Instead, we let our customers have their choice of best-in-class managed service providers for their specific needs and requirements. We do, however, provide shipping and receiving services, as well as Smart Hands expert remote assistance and technical expertise.

Many data centers have large management and technical staffs.

What is Scott Data Center’s approach to managing and operating the facility?

We always say we provide world-class customer service, and part of that is ensuring we have a full engineering staff comprised of highly qualified individuals dedicated to the data center. We subscribe to regular testing and maintenance of critical infrastructure, and we include key vendors and manufacturers to make sure these operations are pristine.

Operationally, Scott Data Center deliberately subscribes to a flat structure; that means we limit administrative overhead, and pass the savings onto our customers. This approach has been in place since our campus opened in 2002 and carries on today.

Does Scott Data Center provide cloud services?

Scott Data Center hosts a variety of private and public cloud offerings, but we haven’t provided a Scott Data Center cloud product just yet.